The American Society for Virology was founded in 1981 to provide a forum for investigators of human, animal, insect, plant, fungal, and bacterial viruses, whether the research involves clinical, ecological, biological, or biochemical approaches. The stated aim of the Society is to promote the exchange of information and stimulate discussion and collaboration among scientists active in all aspects of virology. These goals are achieved by means of meetings organized or sponsored by the Society, obtaining for the members reduced subscription rates for virological journals, soliciting travel grants to attend national and international meetings and representation on national and international councils.
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Program - Current Membership Status/Dues Renewals:
Dr. Dorothea L. Sawicki
Secretary-Treasurer, ASV
Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences
3000 Arlington Avenue, Mail Stop 1021
Toledo, OH 43614-2598
Tel: (419) 383-5173
Fax: (419) 383-2881

Registration - ASV 2014 meeting:
Online registration and fee information at

Local Hosts - ASV 2014:
Dr. Jeff Wilusz
Professor of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Phone: 970.491.0652; E-mail:

New Membership Contact:
(For New Applicants Only)

Dr. Kristen A. Bernard
ASV Membership Committee Chair