2010 Education and Career Development Workshop Presenations

2010 Annual Meetingof the American Society for Virology

Tuesday - July 20, 2010

Montana State University, Bozeman

Tales from the Trenches:
Surprising Factors in Scientific Success

Convenor:  Rebecca E. Dutch, University of Kentucky

Intelligence, creativity and hard-work are clearly crucial to a successful career in science, but other factors can also have significant impact. The Education and Career Development Committee presents a workshop focused on surprising factors which can strongly influence scientific careers. The three speakers will discuss unexpected factors which shaped their careers, providing both helpful advice and a glimpse of the struggles encountered on the path to becoming an established scientist. This special session is principally aimed at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, although anyone registered for the meeting is welcome to attend. The workshop will be highly interactive and will offer time for discussion and questions.


Glenn Rall

Here I Am, Despite Myself

Fox Chase Cancer Center


Mavis Agbandje-McKenna

Pathway to Professor: Three Continents, Many Constructions

University of Florida


Lynn Enquist

My Career Path: How Did I End Up Here?

Princeton University